Furniture & rubbish removal services

If your property settlement is only days away, and you need to urgently remove furniture and rubbish, call ClearHome.

Costs start from $66 per hour per person, plus truck and tipping fees.

If other businesses are not returning your phone calls, call 0449 800 800.

If you have been “over promised and under delivered”, or you have been let down, then call us.

This service has been setup to supply urgent relief in situations where short notice and the most extreme conditions exist, allowing you to remove stress quickly and move on.

Call 0449 800 800

We discuss your requirements and meet you on-site to plan the job and provide a quote.

Hand Us the Keys

We arrive at the premises, and do the lot for you. Most jobs are completed in a day.

That’s It!

We hand you back the keys, and your property is ready to go. No stress, no fuss!

ClearHome Can Help

Remove the running around and stress during an already stressful time in your life. We prepare your home for sale, rent, or bond retrieval. A full service from beginning to end with an all-in-one home preparation service.

  • Urgent furniture removal
  • Unwanted furniture removal
  • Rubbish removal to the tip
  • Pickup my excess unwanted furniture
  • Charity donations
  • Delivery to a nominated recipient
  • Last resort rubbish removal
  • Urgent trash removal
  • Fast furniture removal
  • Wardrobe removal
  • Large furniture disposal
  • House clearing
  • House clearing in Sydney
  • Furniture clearing
  • Same day Service

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