We clearout and clean your home, office or warehouse.

Complete property clearing.
Useable belongings re-homed.
Fixed upfront prices, always.

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We complete everything when preparing a home for sale.

ClearHome clear everything, do all the heavy lifting, repurpose, sell valuables, donate, dispose, clean and often finish the job for you in the one visit. We are based in Alexandria, SYDNEY NSW, Australia.

If you are looking for a “complete” solution to solve all your problems, then look no further. You can depend on us to handle the details and headaches. We take care of all the hard work. Rest easy with our ‘upfront fixed pricing, no extra charges, or surprises policy’.

The ‘number one’ request from almost every customer is “PLEASE don’t throw everything into landfill”. We hear you, and have processes in place to honour your downsizing, aged care or living/deceased estate cleaning request.

We Clear

The process in clearing a living or deceased estate is to gather what you wish to keep, then to donate or sell unwanted contents, and dispose remaining items that have served their purpose.

We Prepare Your
Home For Sale

We complete all the tasks required to put your property on the market. We remove everything, and clean everything inside and out to maximise the potential sale value.

We Buy Or Donate Your Valuables

We will happily purchase all of your valuables to help offset our clear-out fees, or if you’d prefer we will donate to charities locally and overseas to help families in need.

A Complete
Beginning to End Service

Don’t feel like clearing or cleaning anything? From your first call to the handover of your property, we can be left to manage the whole job. We solve all your problems and keep you informed every step of the way.

We Tailor Services To Your Needs

  • Living & Deceased Estates
  • Moving to Aged Care
  • Hoarder Cleanup
  • Relocation & Downsizing
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Furniture Removal
  • Whitegoods Removal
  • Property Cleaning
  • Charity Donations
  • Selling Valuables
  • We clear it all

Introducing: Matt Walther

The number one request from almost every customer is ‘PLEASE don’t throw everything into landfill’. We hear you, and have processes in place to honour your living estate, aged care, downsizing or deceased estate cleanup request!

ClearHome is established because most people are time poor, and overwhelmed with the enormity of tasks required to prepare a home for sale. If this is you, then your prayers are about to be answered!

To make this difficult time easier, you can depend on us to solve your problems and manage everything you need to move on with ease. This will allow you to deal with more important matters during a time of crisis. With 25+ years experience in organising management, logistics and deadlines, we will succeed!

Since creating ClearHome, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you with a wide range of challenges. We invite you to see the results that we’ve obtained for previous customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we are commonly asked. If you have a property that needs to be cleared and prepared for sale, call us on 0449 800 800 or request a quote online.

Once you have gathered everything you wish to keep, ClearHome then completely clear the whole home in four stages,

  1. We identify and purchase valuables you don’t want, then offset the value of these items from your total clearing fee / invoice
  2. We then repurpose and donate useable items by loading into our trucks and transporting to families in need
  3. Finally we remove the items that have served their purpose, and dispose responsibly
  4. Clean the property if you require us to do so

The number one request from almost every customer is ‘please don’t throw everything into landfill’. We hear you, and have great processes in place to honour your living estate, downsizing, aged care or deceased estate cleaning request!

ClearHome supply deceased estate, aged care and downsizing services to:

Sydney Wide
Blue Mountains
Central Coast
Southern Highlands

Service Areas

No. All you need to do is gather all the things you wish to keep for yourself. We will look after everything else. Wrapping and boxing everything makes the process harder for you (and us) because we will have to unpack again so we can show the needy and charities what you have to generously donate. We clear and clean everything. We manage the living or deceased estate cleanup project as per your requests whilst providing you with updates along the way.

No. Leave that job to us! Society has become very fussy.
Yes we buy valuables, and use the proceeds to offset the clearing invoice. It is important to be practical in the difference between ‘sentimental and valuable items’. We would love to be able to purchase or donate everything, the facts are that the large or heavy items that won’t fit in your car are the most difficult to sell because of the high transport and labour costs to the buyer. For this reason, large items need to be in great condition in order to sell.

Our prices are extremely competitive. We provide one all-inclusive upfront quote for the entire clearance.
We want you to know in advance exactly how much the clearance will cost.

We can give you a ballpark price quickly and conveniently by sending us,

  • Send 30 sec VIDEOS of what you want removed.
  • Or 2-3 pictures of each room/area
  • To: O 4 4 9 – 8 O O – 8 O O
  • Send using… WhatsApp (is the best option)
    Messenger or Text / SMS is ok but sometimes unreliable when sending large video files, best stay well under 30 secs.

    Or complete our enquiry form.

    Our quotes are based on the amount of items/quantity that needs to be removed, we do not charge by the hour.

    Our costs average $100 – 110 + GST per cubic metre to remove, repurpose, or dispose. A cubic metre is roughly the equivalent area to 4 council rubbish bins, or try to visualise a box or Rubik’s cube a metre tall.

    Additional labour costs may occur if the access to your home requires a ‘larger than usual’ labour-intensive effort from our friendly team. (a lot of stairs, a steep driveway, long carry etc.)

    We do remove everything including Asbestos / excess chemicals, and similar hazardous items. A ballpark cost can be determined with a video call or pictures.

    Flexible payment arrangements are available to suit individual needs. We can liaise with your solicitor in cases where payment has to be made when the property is sold. Bank transfer and credit cards are accepted.


    • They offer a fixed price guarantee before touching anything
    • Are willing to buy valuables
    • Donate to those in need
    • Clear and complete everything (not pick and choose selected items)
    • They reduce the amount that goes to landfill
    • Prepare the property ready for settlement / to sell
    • You should never pay the total amount until the job is complete !


    • Someone to solve your problems, take care of everything, and do all the hard work.
    • A clear and clean property ready to sell.
    • Absolute minimal landfill waste.
    • Unwanted valuables sold.
    • Charity deliveries to assist families in need.
    • Amazing value and a fixed price.
    • A great experience during an upheaval / grieving / crisis stage of life.
    • Your stress removed.

    I wish you well,
    Matthew Walther / ClearHome owner.

    ClearHome take care of everything & do all the hard work.

    We enable your property to be sold with its best potential, regardless of the condition. We can get you on the market fast.
    Our living & deceased estate / downsizing & aged care services add value, and frequently pay for themselves.
    Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we have helped thousands of good people just like you.

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