Relocation & Downsizing

If you’re relocating into aged care or simply downsizing your living arrangements, ClearHome offer a complete service to assist you selling and moving to your new home.

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We help you to downsize and prepare for moving

We work with you to get your home ready to sell for moving on. This involves removing and selling unwanted items, charity donations, and rubbish removal. We provide the complete solution. When you are moving into a smaller home or aged care, we clean and prepare your property for the sale or bond retrieval.

We handle your retirement relocation with respect, and offer you a full turn-key service. We are reliable and handle your dealings with us in a confidential and caring manner. We offer a range of services that make the process comfortable and enjoyable.

Moving into Aged Care?

If you are facing moving after accumulating decades of memories, we understand how overwhelming this is for you. We understand you do not have the equipment, nor the time to get the job done alone. We handle your retirement relocation with respect, and offer you a full turn-key service. We are reliable and handle your dealings with us in a confidential and caring manner. We make the process comfortable and enjoyable.

Introducing Our Three Box System


We identify items that you no longer want that may be appreciated by local charities. Giving back to the community is a great feeling.


We identify items of value that you may wish to sell. We will make an offer, or we can deliver to auction on your behalf.

Rubbish Removal

Any items that you no longer wish to keep and are of no value to anyone will be collected and disposed without fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we are commonly asked. If you have a property that needs to be cleared and prepared for sale, call us on 0449 800 800 or request a quote online.

Once you have gathered everything you wish to keep, ClearHome then completely clear the whole home in four stages,

  1. We identify and purchase the valuables you don’t want, then offset the value of these items from your total clearing fee / invoice
  2. Next we repurpose and donate useable items by loading into our trucks and transporting to our large network of worthy contacts
  3. Finally we remove the items that have served their purpose, and dispose responsibly
  4. Sweep up afterwards

The number one request from almost every customer is ‘please don’t throw everything into landfill’. We hear you, and have processes in place to honour your downsizing or deceased estate cleaning request!

ClearHome supply deceased estate and downsizing services to …

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No. All you need to do is gather all the things you wish to keep for yourself. We will look after everything else. Wrapping and boxing everything makes the process harder for you (and us) because we will have to unpack again so we can show the needy and charities what you have to generously donate. We clear and clean everything. We manage the deceased estate cleanup project as per your requests whilst providing you with updates along the way.

No. Leave that job to us! Society has become very fussy.
Yes we buy your valuables, and use the proceeds to offset the clearing invoice. It is important to be practical in the difference between ‘sentimental items and valuable items’. We would love to be able to purchase or donate everything from your deceased estate clearing site or downsizing project, but the facts are that the large items that won’t fit in your car are the most difficult to sell because of the transport and labour costs to the buyer. For this reason, large items need to be in great condition in order to sell.

We calculate the quantity/volume of items you want us to remove. Our costs average out to be around $100 + GST per cubic metre. A cubic metre is roughly the equivalent to 4 council rubbish bins, or try to visualise a box or Rubik’s cube a metre tall. Additional labour costs may occur if the access to your home has a lot of stairs, a steep driveway etc, or a larger than usual labour-intensive effort is required from our friendly team.

Asbestos / excess chemicals, and similar hazardous items are removed at variable costs.

When clearing a complete deceased estate removals site, our fees generally amount to between 0.4% and 1% of the property value, and less on a downsizing project.

Flexible payment arrangements are available to suit individual needs. We can liaise with your solicitor in cases where payment has to be made when the property is sold. Bank transfer and credit cards are accepted.


• They offer a fixed price guarantee before touching anything
• Are willing to buy valuables
• Donate to those in need
• Clear and complete everything (not pick and choose selected items)
• They reduce the amount that goes to landfill
• Prepare the property ready for settlement / to sell
• You should never pay the total amount until the job is complete !


• Someone to solve your problems, take care of everything, and do all the hard work.
• A clear and clean property ready to sell.
• Absolute minimal landfill waste.
• Unwanted valuables sold.
• Charity deliveries to assist families in need.
• Amazing value and a fixed price.
• A great experience during an upheaval / grieving / crisis stage of life.
• Your stress removed.

I wish you well,
Matthew Walther

Aged care and downsizing service in Sydney.

You will be looked after by the same person from start to finish. If you are unable to assist with the organising, clearing or rubbish removal, that is just fine. We do that for you, so you can have the time to take care of yourself. ClearHome help people prepare their home to sell with compassion and care. A premium beginning to end service.

On-time and punctual

The ClearHome team will arrive at your property and begin working straight away. We take pride in our punctuality when arriving to help with your project.


We repair the issues that need to be addressed in order for a successful sale. We will fix it.

Carpets and flooring

Yes we do clean carpet. We also remove old or stained carpet. We have a great supplier and installation team available.


We can paint your home interior and exterior to give a fresh new look, add buyer appeal, and achieve a better sale profit.

We Do It All

ClearHome complete all the tasks you require. Rubbish removal, donations, selling valuables, and sale preparations.
You are always in control, and we are here to help and guide in the process. If you require good old fashioned service, hire ClearHome.

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