ClearHome offers a premium beginning to end property preparation and relocation service helping people declutter and remove rubbish. If you are moving, or downsizing, we’re there to help you every step of the way.

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We deal with clutter and rubbish removal

ClearHome can tackle even the tough jobs you have been avoiding for years. Leave the hard work to us and we’ll have your home ready for sale or occupation in days.

Decluttering is a very rewarding journey. We clear and clean your home or office with respect. We can bring your space up to scratch without judgement.

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We discuss your requirements and meet you on-site to plan the job and provide a quote.

We Clear Everything

We arrive at the premises, and do the lot for you. Most jobs are completed in a day.

That’s It!

We hand you back the keys, and your property is ready to go. No stress, no fuss!

Reclaim your Quality of Life

We clean up and remove rubbish from properties in a polite and respectful manner. With the minimum amount of fuss, we return your property to the best state as possible. What may seem as a huge problem to you is actually quite normal to us. We have seen it all before. We don’t judge and it is always confidential.

ClearHome can help you to:

  • Clear rubbish, furniture, and clean.
  • Sell items of value that you no longer want.
  • Relocate your belongings with our Five Boxes System.
  • You are always in control, we provide you with help and guidance.

We Make your Space Like New

We will listen to your instructions carefully, and at all times you are in control of the project. After clearing your property, we then scrub your house from top to bottom. We can bring your space up to regular living conditions without judgement.

ClearHome can assist with:

  • Rubbish removal, furniture, and contents.
  • Cleaning your property from top to bottom.
  • Giving the property a fresh coat of paint.
  • Cleaning or replacing damaged carpets and flooring.

We Tailor Our Services To Your Needs

some of the services we offer
Rubbish Removal
Property Cleaning
Furniture Removal
Whitegoods Removal
Charity Donations
Furniture Auctioning
Pressure Washing
ClearHome complete all the tasks you require with regards to the cluttering, cleaning and sale preparations . You are always in control, although we do provide help and guidance in the process.
If you require more assistance, please feel free contact us.