Prepare Your Property For Sale

Our target is to create maximum appeal on all levels of the property,
allowing you to sell or rent for the highest possible value.

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To help you prepare your house for sale, we provide a total property makeover service.

Full-on action for 1 – 5 days. We pack up everything valuable, clear away everything else, remove the rubbish, then we let rip. We scrub the property from top to bottom, giving extra attention to the front of the property to attract buyers and add street appeal. We will leave you with a clean, neat and completely empty house, ready to sell, rent or move into. It’s that simple!

The number one request from almost every customer is ‘please don’t throw everything into landfill’. We hear you, and have processes in place to honour your downsizing or deceased estate cleaning request.

We Clear Everything

The first step in clearing a deceased estate is managing the wide range of furniture and contents. We help you to relocate, sell, donate and remove rubbish from the deceased estate. We clear it all.

Prepare Your Home For Sale

We complete all the tasks required to put your property on the market. We remove all the rubbish, trim the yard, and clean everything inside and out in order to maximise the potential sale value.

We Buy Or Donate Your Goods

We will happily purchase all of your valuable items to offset costs, or if you’d prefer we will donate them to charities locally and overseas to help those in need.

Complete Beginning to End Service

Don’t feel like clearing or cleaning anything? From your first call to the handover of your property, we can be left to manage the whole job. We keep you informed every step of the way.