Prepare Your Property For Sale

Our target is to create maximum appeal on all levels of the property, allowing you to sell or rent for the highest possible value.

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To help you prepare your house for sale, we provide a total property makeover service

Full-on action for 1 – 5 days. We pack up everything valuable, clear away everything else, remove the rubbish, then we let rip. We scrub the property from top to bottom, giving extra attention to the front of the property to attract buyers and add street appeal.

We can also auction or buy items in the house to bring you a bit of extra cash.

We will leave you with a clean, neat and completely empty house, ready to sell, rent or move into. It’s that simple!

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We discuss your requirements and meet you on-site to plan the job and provide a quote.

We Clear Everything

We arrive at the premises, and do the lot for you. Most jobs are completed in a day.

That’s It!

We hand you back the keys, and your property is ready to go. No stress, no fuss!

Home Clearing

Property clearing is essential to get a house ready for sale. We move everything out of the house, remove rubbish, perform basic repairs as well as clean and fix up the garden. The house will be left ready for someone to move in straight away.

Preparation involves decluttering the house, rubbish removal, cleaning, finding any areas that need professional work eg painting and plumbing repairs, clearing and trimming your garden. Anything you want to keep out of the house can be stored for you to use later, or we can take to auction on your behalf.

  • Most buyers prefer a home that doesn’t need work before they move in.
  • Buyers will pay more for a home that is clean and uncluttered.
  • A clear, clean home is more attractive for buyers to picture themselves living there.
home staging

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Request A FREE On-site Quote

A premium beginning to end service that pays for itself

  • Rubbish removal
  • Buy unwanted valuables
  • The home is thoroughly scrubbed
  • Carpet cleaning or replacement
  • Painting
  • Pressure wash the full exterior
  • Prepare the garden for attractive presentation
  • Trade repairs

We Tailor Our Services To Your Needs

Rubbish Removal
Charity Donations
Property Cleaning
Furniture Removal
Whitegoods Removal
Buy Valuables
Pressure Washing
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