Don’t save all your packing for the last day
Mark on each carton the room it is going to
Tape the bottom of your boxes for extra support
Handle with care. Wrap small and fragile items in paper
Use towels, cushions, pillows and linen to pack around larger fragile items
Never pack more than you can lift
Pack heavy items in smaller boxes
We highly recommend that you pack as much as possible into boxes, this saves time and money for when moving day arrives. The more prepared you are the easier the move will be.


Keep contact numbers close by

Make a note of your booking and have our phone number and all other important numbers

Keep linen and towels handy

Allocate one drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so that you won’t have to rummage through boxes for these essentials the first night in your new home.

Clean the fridge

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried the inside of your refrigerator, put a handful of fresh coffee or baking soda in a sock or nylon stocking and place it inside to keep the inside of the fridge smelling good for your new house.

Pack Heavy – Pack Light

Pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. We have all packing materials available as well as a packing and unpacking service.

Protect Your Memories

When packing framed photos or art, place sheets or blankets between them for added protection.

Packing Plates

Plates should be packed on end vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked.

Pack yourself a Care pack

Pack a box with these types of items and take with you in your car for easy access so that you don’t have to worry going to the shop. Toilet paper, telephone and charger, toiletries, snacks, coffee/tea, kettle, soap, torch, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pots and pans, canned soup and paper towels.

Remove Bulbs

Remove bulbs before packing your lamps to avoid any breakages.

Put the kids to work

Have children write their names and new address on the cartons from their rooms so they can become familiar with their new address.

Take care of your pets

Keep your pet calm and away from all the activity on moving day by arranging for a friend to watch him or her at their house.

Keep Plants Safe

When moving plants to your new residence via your car, try not to let foliage rest against the windows, as the leaves will scorch.


Leave the rest to us, sit back and relax, and look forward to the new opportunities, friends and experiences.

Moving Day

Charge your mobile phone/s the night before and put the charger in the glove box of your car.
Pack important medication into your handbag
Confirm arrangements with the real estate to gain access to your new house. Or try and pick up the keys the day before.
Ensure that your solicitor can get hold of you by phone if you are waiting for settlement on your new house ( we strongly advise to move the following day of settlement to avoid any extra stress)
Label all boxes and clearly mark FRAGILE on appropriate boxes
Turn off hot water and electricity
After the house is cleared make detailed inspection all round
Read all meters water/gas/other and write down
Make sure your care pack is handy
Leave keys (labeled) where they can be found safely or drop into real estate
Secure your house windows / doors / garage / gate
Inspect the new house, seen for the first time without furniture, take photos of any damage that you did not notice before.
Label rooms on the boxes to enable us to put boxes in correct place
Drink plenty of water throughout the day

ClearHome complete all the tasks you require with regards to the cluttering, cleaning and sale preparations . You are always in control, although we do provide help and guidance in the process.

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