Bondi – Urgent Rental House Clear-out

The client who had been renting for over a decade in this home became very sick whilst accumulating a lot of clutter. When it came time to move out, the whole overwhelming task was lumped on the extended family who were physically unable. The keys needed to be returned to stop the rental charges ASAP.

How we helped

A team of 10 people were setup to tackle this task in a day. The hoarding was removed and sorted for charity and waste.

  • Furniture Removal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Yard Clean
  • Exterior Pressure Washing
  • Urgent Hoarder Cleanup

The Result

A large cleanup with over 5 tonnes of waste. The keys were handed back to the agent before any further rent became due. Job completed in one day.

“There was no way without your help that we would have managed all of this on our own. Thank you so much for doing what you said you would do.”