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Here are some answers to questions we are commonly asked. If you have a property that needs to be cleared and prepared for sale, call us on 0449 800 800 or request a quote online.

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We clear everything in four stages,

  1. We identify and remove the valuables you don’t want, then offset the value of these items from your total clearing cost
  2. We then load items into our trucks to repurpose and donate. We have a large network of worthy contacts
  3. Then finally we remove the items that have served their purpose, and dispose responsibly
  4. Sweep up and vacuum afterwards

The number one request from almost every customer is ‘please don’t throw everything into landfill’. We hear you, and have processes in place to honour your request!

No. All you need to do is gather all the things you wish to keep for yourself. We will look after everything else. Wrapping and boxing everything makes the process harder for you (and us) because we will have to unpack again so we can show the needy and charities what you have to generously donate.We clear and clean everything. We manage the entire project as per your requests whilst providing you with updates along the way.

No. Leave that job to us! Society has become very fussy.
Yes. It is important to be practical in the difference between ‘sentimental items and valuable items’. We would love to be able to purchase or donate everything, but the facts are that the large items that won’t fit in your car are the most difficult to sell because of the transport and labour costs to the buyer. Large items need to be in great condition.

We endeavour to calculate the quantity you have in cubic metres. Our costs average out to be $110 per cubic metre. A cubic metre is roughly the equivalent to 4 council rubbish bins. Visualise a box or Rubik’s cube a metre tall.

Some small additional labour costs may occur if the access to your home has a lot of stairs, a steep driveway, or a larger than usual labour-intensive effort is required from our friendly team.

When clearing a complete property, our fees generally amount to between 0.4% and 1% of the property value.

We provide flexible payment arrangements to suit individual needs. We can liaise with your solicitor in cases where payment has to be made when the property is sold.

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